Jan 15 – 21, 2020.

Fully customize tours according to your budget and requirements, whether is Birding photo Expeditions or Birding Trips for a complete enjoyment of the bird Jewels of Panamá, as a group, individual traveler or signing-up for one of our organized Photo Birding Expeditions.

The Darien Gap is a remote, roadless strip of wilderness on the limit of Panama & Colombia. Largely untouched by the modern world, the Darien is one of the least visited places on the planet.

Darien National Park has a legendary value to it — an enigmatic land full of striking plants, rare wildlife, native people, and AMAZING BIRDS.

We will visit and stay 2 nights with the Emberá indigenous tribe at Pijibasal community, remote, isolated, living their own way and organized to receive visitors like us to show many species of birds, but making sure we find our target for this expedition, the mythic, powerful and majestic HARPY EAGLE.

Together with so many other unique species inhabiting the amazing Darien National Park, such as monkeys, Night Monkeys, manakins, Tanagers, Trogons and much more.

Day 1. Arrival to Panamá city.

Meet and great at Tocumen International airpor by our local guide Carlos
de La Cruz and transfer to our hotel nearby the Panamá canal area. Overnite, hotel at Gamboa, Meals included, D-T-H.

Day 2. Overland to Pijibasal native community.

Early breakfast and star our long day journey, 5 hours’ drive to Yaviza town, the end of the Panamerican highway after 12580 kilometers from Alaska.

Once we at Yaviza, will embark a dugout canoe, taking us along Chucunaque river for 30 minutes to reach El Real village, where a 4×4 truck await for us to take us for another 20 minutes’ drive to Pijibasal
indigenous community right at Darien National Park, our home for the next 2 nights and 3 days.

Pijibasal community promote cultural, nature and birding tourism, organized with a dining area and 2 huts for us to spend the night, single beds and mosquitos’ nets, sitting on stilts and open walls for air to circulate, one bathroom for all of us.

Solar panel will provide lights at night and an electric generator can be hired at night to recharge batteries and more. Overnite, hotel at Gamboa, Meals included, B-L-D-T-H

Day 3. Harpy Eagle day.

Early morning breakfast prepared by ladies from the community, then a local member of the community will be leading us to the Harpy eagle nest, located 3.5 miles away into Darien jungle.

Horses will be available to carry equipment and yourself if requested.

On our way, we will have good chances to capture other wildlife specific of this region, such Night Monkeys, Tamarin Monkeys, etc. Keep a camera handy.

Lunch will be brought to shooting area to have more time getting the best possible shot of this magnificent bird.

Back to Pijibasal community late in the afternoon. Overnite at Pijibasal comunity. Meals included, B-L-D- H.

Day 4. Harpy Eagle day, second chance.

Today we ́ll have our second incursion to Darien National Park area, trying to het the picture of such a majestic bird. Overnite at Pijibasal comunity. Meals included, B-L-D-H.

Day 5. Morning at Darien National Park and one more try to Harpy Eagle if necessary.

This morning we will try if necessary to get one more chance with the Harpy Eagle, as well as try to capture some of the specialties of the region, such Golden Headed Manakin, Golden Collared Manakin, Black- tailed Trogon, White-headed Wren, Black Oropendola, tanagers and much more within the surrounding areas.

After lunch transfer back to Panamá city.

Depart the Pijibasal community right after lunch, towards El Real on a 4X4, then board a boat with Yaviza village as our destination, where a van is waiting for us to drive to Panama City. Overnite at Gamboa Hotel.

Meals included, B-L-D-H-

Day 6.

Visit Soberania National park, Pipeline birding area and other great birding areas. We will have a chance to visit Panama Canal for those who will like to get to know this majestic piece of engineering.

Overnite at Gamboa Hotel. Meals included, B-L-D-T-H

Overnite at Gamboa Hotel. Meals included, B-T

Day 7. Transfer to airport.

Overnite at Gamboa Hotel. Meals included, B-T

What to bring.

  • 400, 600, 800 mm Lenses and protection, 100% humidity.
  • Macro lens
  • Flash
  • Adaptors if need it, 110 v outlets provided.
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Quick dry clothing
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain gear
  • Sunblock

The Fine Print


Lodging, At Pijibasal community, lodging will be very basic, there are 2 huts, sitting on stilts with open wall, in every one of them, single beds are placed with individual mosquito nets, pillows, blankets and towel.

Hotels in Panama City we have all amenities, AC, restaurants.

Facilities, At Pijibasal community, 1 single bath and shower unit for visitors.

Amenities, you must bring your own soap, shampoo and hair conditioner if needed, during our visit to Pijibasal community.

Meals, during your stay as specified in above itinerary, not including alcoholic beverages or soft drinks, beginning with dinner after arrival day and ending with breakfast the final day.

  • Start with dinner on Day 1, finish with breakfast on Day 15.
  • 3 meals per day, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at local restaurants based on local food.
  • Not going to be open menu at restaurants visited, minimum of 3 options per meal at restaurants if eating outside the lodge. Meals at lodge based on options offered by the comunity,
  • If any dietary restriction, please communicate to trip leader first day of arrival.
  • Alcoholic drinks, bottled water in restaurants and soft drinks not included on this budget.
  • Water, bottle of water available during our excursions.
  • Transportation from the Tocumen International airport to the group´s hotel first night.

B= Breakfast / L=Lunch / D= Dinner / T= Transportation / H=lodging

Admission to all proposed activities and events, including the entrance fees to National parks visited.

Fees to: To all National parks visited.

Transportation, Private tour & full availability driving and fuel. (not just transfers from A to B)

TRAVELERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR (Not included on the trip cost).

  • Transportation and flights to and from Home.
  • Entrance fee to Panama Canal if visited.
  • Individual travel insurance (suggested).
  • Baggage charges.
  • Additional meals and drinks outside of Birding Photo Expeditions offerings.
  • Drinks. No alcoholic, soft drinks or bottled water during meals included on this trip.
  • Gratuities, lodges staff, restaurants, DRIVER & TRIP LEADER. Make sure to tip maids, local guides and driver working with us along the trip.


We recommend you have a medium fitness level to fully participate in this trip. Be prepared to walk up to 3+ miles per day through thick, muddy jungle terrain with heavy equipment if required to find a specific quality specie of bird.

Keep in mind this will be much more taxing than two miles of flat pavement.


Please keep in mind that we are venturing deep into the Panamanian nature areas to facilitate finding of most species possible, sometimes requires a long drive. If you have any medications, don’t forget to bring enough with you, sealed in plastic Ziploc bags.

The rooms at all lodges are close to the rainforest most of them, on one side so you can fall asleep watching the fireflies and wake up to the throaty calls of howler monkeys.

In terms of disease risk, malaria and zika are incredibly rare, but they are present; travelers should consult their own doctors about potential preventative measures.

Therefore, insect repellent and long sleeves are required, especially at night. Finally, vaccines are not required, but travelers may wish to consult their own doctors.

Temperatures. Most of lodges visited will be in the lowlands, so hot and humid.

Lodging, We strive to get you higher quality birds for you to photograph, this means we will travel far out in the middle of nowhere in many cases and lodges will provide limited amenities and in most cases no AC.

TRIP´S RECOMMENDATIONS document will be sent to you



If 6 participants $2550 USD pp.
If 8 participants $2150 USD pp.

Payment must be done once itinerary and costs is accepted, to banking account SUEÑOS NATURA FSM S.R.L. All reservations will be final after acceptant of itinerary and first guarantee deposit, and subject to cancellation policy use by hotels visited and tour operators.

By submitting your deposit, you agree to the trip’s Terms & Conditions.

Banking info.



ACCOUNT #: 200-02-005-007382-9



PHONE #: 506-2212-2200

All reservations will be final after acceptant of itinerary and first guarantee deposit, and subject to cancellation policy use by hotels visited and tour operators.

By submitting your deposit, you agree to the trip’s Terms & Conditions.


  • The use of flash is not allowed for some endemic and resident species. In the feeder’s multiflash is not allowed.
  • The use of playback is limited for guides.
  • For field trips, species will be attracted to attractive perches that we will prepare.
  • Do not scare birds to make them fly away from their perches or nesting areas.
  • Laundry cannot be done in hotel´s room, if so and any damage is made to sink or any equipment inside room, client must pay for it to administration for materials, labor and all needed in order to reestablish the operation of the room.
  • Our trip leader will suggest you places where to pay for laundry service along the trip.