Fully customized tours according to your budget and requirements, whether bird watching, nature trips, nature photography, beach, adventure or a general combination for a complete enjoyment of the beauties of Perú, as groups, families, individual or private.

Birding Photo Expedition / Cloud Forest / Lowlands

The Northwest of Peru is a tropical region where you can find diverse ecosystems. The area is crossed by a main road called La Marginal de la Selva. This is completely asphalted and easy to drive, in addition the security is good in the proposed places. In the stretch of interest there are two Biological Reserved Zones by the State.

Visiting this route has a minimum difficulty. There are Lodges where there are facilities for Photography and easy trails.

There are also points on the roadsides in strategic places and trails or simple roads that have different attractions.

The idea is to photograph all the possible birds and look for special species and get them quality photos, in poses, activity and special hangers.


April through June are good times for logistics purposes. It rains less, and you can make better use of the day the following are the proposed places for the North-Eastern Route: BASE TRIP

  • Arriving day at Lima Hotel, not included on price, we can gladly reserve and charge separately as well as internal flights Lima to Tarapoto-Lima.

BASE TRIP 16 DAYS / APRIL 1ST to 16th 2020.

Arrival day to Lima, hotel on your own (we can book it at a separately cost) This should be arranged the night before starting day of the trip from Lima.

April 1, 2, 3. Lima (starting date of the trip) Nueva Cajamarca. 3 nights.

Today we pick you up at in Lima´s hotel, transfer to airport to connect the flight to Tarapoto.

From Tarapoto, we will use a Van type Hyundai H1 and we will go to Nueva Cajamarca, located at 160 Kms, in a trip of 2:40 hours and we will stay in the best hotel in the city.

  • Visit to Arena Blanca / Cock of the Rocks, lodging in Nueva Cajamarca, hotel to be defined.

Here the climate is hot. From there, we will visit:

  1. New Palestine where there is a day roost of the Great Potoo (Nyctibius grandis) at 8 kms.
  2. Aguas Verdes, Lek Cock of the Rocks, 4:40 pm, located 50 Kms from Nueva Cajamarca, 300 meters long road, take a trail hilly terrain, we have people to help with equipment, take it slow, it worth the trip for such a beautiful bird.
  3. Reserve Arena Blanca, in Aguas Verdes, 6:30 am, located 50 Kms from Nueva Cajamarca, here you can see from a hide at Little Tinamou, Cinereous Tinamou, Gray-necked Wood-rail, Ruddy Quaildove, Orange- billed Sparrow and a group of the Rufous-breasted Wood-quail. It also has hummingbird feeders: Rufous-throated Sapphire, Black-throated Brilliant, Blue-fronted Lancebill, Green-fronted Lancebill, Green Hermit, Reddish Hermit, Black-throated Hermit, Napo Sabrewing and Gray-breasted Sabrewing, Rufous-crested coquette , White-bellied Woodstar, Wire-crested Thorntail, Long-billed Starthroat, Many-spotted Hummingbird, Sapphire-spangled Emerald, Golden-tailed Sapphire, Forktailed Woodnymph. Recently he has placed a fruit feeder and arrives at the endemic Huallaga Tanager and some euphonias.

April 4, 5, 6, Fundo Alto Nieva (FAN) 3 nights.

From the Reserva Blanca Arena, we depart to the Alto Nieva Farm, at 23 Kms or 30 Minutes of travel. Located in the middle of the Cloud Forest, 1,900 meters high and cool climate. Room in Log Cabin, with full bathroom. Food breakfast and 2 meals a day.

  1. Attractiveness of the Fundo: It has two feeders of worms for Antpittas: Rusty-tinged Antpitta and Ocher-fronted Antpitta, both endemic species of Peru, located 800 meters on an easy road. It also has fruit feeders next to the reserve where the Black-faced Tanager, Blue-winged Mountain-tanager, currently arrives. Royal Sunangel, the rare Rufous-vented Whitetip, White-tailed Hillstar and the Greenish Puffleg. You can also see the Long-tailed Sylph, Booted Racket-tail, Bronzy Inca, Fawnbreasted Brilliant, Violet-fronted Brilliant, Speckled Humingbird, Collared Inca, Tawny-Bellied Hermit.
  2. From here we can visit or also stay 1 or two days in Abra patricia, here we could photograph: Swordbilled Hummingbird, Emerald-bellied Puffleg
  3. We will make stops in certain places at the edge of the road, where we can look and attract: Johnson’s Tody-tyrant, Yellow-scarfed Tanager.

* Day visit to Huembo lodge from FAN

  1. In this reserve we can observe and photograph in the drinking troughs the Marvelous Spatuletail, the most beautiful hummingbird in the world. It also has feeders where we can find 2 types of turkeys and the Silver-backed Tanager.
  2. We could also visit San Lorenzo and its surroundings, where you could photograph the Pale-billed Antpitta. Others are Rusty-tinged Antpitta, Rusty-breasted Antpitta, Undulated Antpitta, Russet-mantled Softtail, Northern Rufous-capped Antshrike, Peruvian Wren. You can also see Powerful Woodpecker, Emerald Toucanet, Band-tailed Fruiteater, Barred Fruiteater, Black-throated Tody-tyrant, Spectacled Whitestart, Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia, Blue-and-black Tanager, Cinnamon Flycatcher, Marvelous Spatuletail, Mountain Velvetbreast, Amethyst Woodstar, Variable Antshrike, Red-crested Cotinga, Trilling Tapaculo, Blackish Tapaculo, Plain-tailed Wren, Oleaginous Hemispingus, Rufous Spinetail.

April 7, 8, 9, Moyobamba, visit to Waqanki / Quebrada Mishquiyacu / Altavista Hotel. 3 nights.

Overland to Moyobamba, located 800 meters from Altura, and 3:30 hours from Huembo. From Moyobamba we will visit the best places of bird photography in the countryside. In these places the strong points: they are hummingbirds, tanagers and owls:

  1. Surroundings of the hotel and viewpoint, birds are observed in the mornings and afternoons.
  2. The other destination is Waqanki, which has a drinking station where you can see the Rufous Crested Coquette.
  3. There are other interesting places, such as the owl and potoo roost and the Mishquiyacu Creek or Manakies Trail.

April 10, 11, 12, Reserve Koepcke’s Hermit / ACONABIKH, 3 nights

New reservation, we will cross its trails and we will see a Lek of the Golden-headed Manakin.

  1. The area of flowers and hummingbirds is very crowded, with 23 species in total, where it is safe to see the rare and endemic Koepcke’s Hermit, Gould’s Jewelfront, Black-throated Mango and White- necked Jacobin among others. In this place there is a 3-story lookout tower. They also have a partridge feeder: Cinereous Tinamou.
  2. Cordillera Escalera, where toucans, barbets and tanagers can be located at the edge of the road.
  3. Dry forests of the Huallaga, where there are many special species of anthills and manakies.

April 13, 14 & 15. Tarapoto airport, flight back to Lima. Santa Eulalia y/o Lomas de Asia. 3 nights.

We will visit several places and reserves near Lima, and we will have the opportunity to photograph many species of birds in a safe way:

  1. Wetlands Area and Reserve of Beaches and Birds
  2. Coastal Hills area
  3. Western Andes area.

In total, we could locate up to 19 endemic birds this part of the trip: Koepcke’s Screech-Owl, Blackbreasted Hillstar, Black Metaltail, Bronze-tailed Comet, Black-necked Woodpecker, Coastal Miner, Thick-billed Miner, Dark-winged Miner, Striated Earthcreeper, Surf Cinclodes, White-bellied Cinclodes, Rusty-crowned Tit-Spinetail, Cactus Canastero, Junin Canastero, White-cheeked Cotinga, Great IncaFinch, Rufous-breasted Warbling-Finch, Raimondi’s Yellow-Finch

April 16. flight back home from Lima international airport.


Birding photo expedition starts from Lima, Peru.

All meals and accommodation during your stay, not including alcoholic beverages, bottled water at meals or soft drinks, beginning with LUNCH the first day and ending with BREAKFAST on day 15.

Star shooting on Day 1 and finish on Day 15 all day, DAY 12 travel back to Lima and take your flight back home.

One expert guide in the field of biology, conservation, as well as local guides on each of the specific private shooting places, Freddy Madrigal (owner), Support guide Carlos Calle is the Perú´s Trip Leaders + local guides at some shooting destinations.

Fees to: Admission to all proposed activities and events, including the entrance fees to National parks and private reserves visited.

Water, it provided as 1 bottled per person per day while in the field.

Transportation, Private tour & full availability driving and fuel. (not just transfers from A to B)

For our Expedition to Perú we Will have the assistance of 3 local guides along visited locations:

  • Kenny Rodriguez / Wilmer Montenegro (Del Fundo), Alto Nieva, Abra Patricia, Huembo.
  • Carlos Chuquilin, área of Moyobamba
  • Alejandro Tello, área of Lima, Perú.

TRAVELERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR (Not included on the trip cost).

  • Transportation and flights to Lima and back home.
  • Hotel´s accommodation near airport for arrival and departure (if needed) on March 2020. (not included in this cost) we can help booking hotel at separate cost.
  • Transportation from Lima airport to the group´s hotel first night. ➢ Individual travel insurance (suggested).
  • Baggage charges.
  • Additional meals and drinks outside of Birding Photo Expeditions offerings.
  • Drinks. No alcoholic or soft drinks included on this trip.
  • Gratuities, lodges staff, restaurants, DRIVER & TRIP LEADER. Make sure to tip maids, local guides and driver working with us along the trip.


We recommend you have a medium fitness level to fully participate in this trip. Be prepared to walk up to two miles per day through thick, muddy jungle terrain with heavy equipment if required to find a specific quality specie of bird.

Keep in mind this will be much more taxing than two miles of flat pavement.


Please keep in mind that we are venturing deep into the Costa Rica nature areas to facilitate finding of most species possible, sometimes requires a long drive. If you have any medications, don’t forget to bring enough with you, sealed in plastic Ziploc bags.

In terms of disease risk, malaria and zika are incredibly rare, but they are present; travelers should consult their own doctors about potential preventative measures.

Therefore, insect repellent and long sleeves are required, especially at night. Finally, vaccines are not required, but travelers may wish to consult their own doctors.

Lodging, We strive to get you higher quality birds for you to photograph, this means we will travel far out in the middle of nowhere in many cases and lodges will provide limited amenities and in some cases no AC, but a ceiling fan or so.

In the case of overbooking by a hotel we may use a similar hotel nearby to cover any of the nights in order to complete our itinerary to that specific area, not resulting in any alteration of the offered itinerary.




Please contact us at: photo@freddymadrigal.com to customize your photo expedition.

The final payment. We will provide an option to pay in two installments, 50% once itinerary is accepted via bank deposit, the remaining 50% 30 days previous arrival to Lima via bank deposit.

All reservations will be final after acceptant of itinerary and first guarantee deposit, and subject to cancellation policy use by hotels visited and tour operators.

By submitting your deposit, you agree to the trip’s Terms & Conditions. For those wishing to have a single room and/or extra nights in Lima or locations visited, optional supplements will be included with the final payment.


  • The use of flash is not allowed for some endemic and resident species. In the feeder’s multi-flash is not allowed.
  • The use of playback is limited for guides.
  • For field trips, species will be attracted to attractive perches that we will prepare.
  • Do not scare birds to make them fly away from their perches or nesting areas.
  • Laundry cannot be done in hotel´s rooms, if so, and any damage is made to sink or any equipment inside room, client must pay for it to administration for materials, labor and all needed in order to reestablish the operation of the room.
  • Our trip leader will suggest you places where to pay for laundry service along the trip.


  • We will travel 1000 Kms round trip from Tarapoto to the farthest point and Limasection.
  • We will have the opportunity to observe and photograph more than 60 species of hummingbirds, and more than 400 birds listed along our route.

Base trip internal flights, Lima-Tarapoto-Lima (2 flights) NOT INCLUDED IN COST. (we can book the flights charge separately)

We finish our base trip in Lima