Birding Photo Expedition Costa Rica 10 N / 11 D

Birding Photo Expedition Costa Rica 10 N / 11 D

Join Freddy Madrigal, wildlife photographer and natural history expert with 31 years’ experience leading birding, photography, and nature expeditions in his homeland of Costa Rica and in Central and South America. Travel with Freddy to secret spots away from the crowd for a more relaxing and quality experience.

  • 2020 / 2021
  • Premium Service

Explore through the eyes of a wildlife photographer and natural history expert our national parks’ natural beauties with their enormous variety of wildlife.

Adventure into birding, nature photography, macro photo sessions, bird photo workshops and bird photo set ups.

See why Costa Rica is believed to possess the highest density of biodiversity of any country worldwide. While encompassing just 0.03% of Earth’s landmass – approximately the size of West Virginia – Costa Rica contains 5% of all the species estimated to exist on the planet. 

Our journey will take us to 2 different mountain ranges in Costa Rica – the Talamanca and Central Volcanic ranges – and 8 different life zones – Paramo, Oak forest, Cloud Forest, Rain Forest, humid forest, Pre-mountain forest, mangrove forest and wetlands.

Meals included (15)
Activities & fees included
Breakfast (10)
Lunch (2)
Dinner (3)
*Water and fruits along the trip.
Night walks (2)
Boat tour (1)
Carara National parks fee (1)
Private biological Reserves fees (4)
Photo shooting places fees (5)