My fabulous birding photography trip to Costa Rica – Steve Chang and Alice Hua from Taiwan

In June 2018, me and my wife decided to visit the world renowned birding destination, Costa Rica for a two weeks photography holidays. Since we were from Taiwan,  we had no clue at all about how to select a qualified bird guide from this country. Luckily one of my birding friends from Vietnam introduced Freddy to me and I just trusted his recommendation. 

Then, started from his picking up  from the airport, through rainforest, mountain trails, national parks or seasides, Freddy not only took good care of us, but also showing his diverse knowledge about fauna and flora that helped us a lot easier to enjoy and photograph nice pics. 
After two weeks journey, we were absolutely satisfied with the fabulous service from Freddy and we have became good friends since then. 

Freddy is a Costa Rican but he speaks perfect English. Also he has got profound knowledge and connection to local bird guides that helped to acquire prompt information about birds in order not to waste our precious time there. 

Many thanks to Freddy for his perfect service and he is the only one I would recommend to all for your next rip to Costa Rica. 

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