We are very thankful to have you leading us in this birding trip. – Vincent See from Singapore

We enjoyed the trip immensely and it was a memorable first visit for most of us, including my wife and I. You are truly an experienced and knowledgeable bird guide who helped us find many bird species to photograph. Apart from your knowledge as a guide, you are also helpful, caring and kind.

On behalf of our group (which consisted of 4 from Hong Kong, 2 from United States and 2 from Singapore), we would like to express our appreciation and thanks for the great service you rendered to us during our recent birding trip in Costa Rica.

All of us feel very grateful when you showed your love and care towards one of the members (she is 75 years old) in our group when she had a fall and injured her head in her hotel room (on the 4 th day of our 15-day trip). You went the extra mile to accompany her to the hospital till the next morning to ensure that she received all the necessary medical help. You even volunteered to stay behind to accompany her and asked your driver to lead the rest of the members for our birding activities the next day. For the rest of our trip, you continued to give special attention to her to ensure that she was well.

We are very thankful to have you leading us in this birding trip. We will definitely recommend you to our friends if they intend to visit Costa Rica.

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