Freddy Madrigal started Birding Photo Expeditions over a decade ago. His mission is to take you to the most renown birding lodges and hidden birding locations in Central and South America. Our goal is to meet your needs whether you´re and advanced, intermediate or beginner birder / photographer providing the best opportunities to photograph quality birds.

Let us know if you are traveling as an organized, individual or private group. We can design the best itinerary for you, based on your available time, wish list and budget.

Our trips leaders

Freddy Madrigal

30 years of experience leading BIRDING AND NATURE tours in Costa Rica, Central America and South America. Freddy´s expertise is mainly in the area of birding, wildlife, birding/nature photography and tropical biology, but he has vast experience in cultural tours, rural tourism, nature and adventure as well.

Birds have been his passion for three decades, His wealth of knowledge will now be used for your benefit, together with his leadership and ability to run smooth, productive and successful expeditions.

Jose Anibal Amador

Has worked as a naturalist guide since 20 years ago and he has lots of experience leading groups all over Costa Rica. He grew in Turrialba where birdwatching is well known, leading trips to the Guayabo National Park and forest areas around.

His passion are birds and wildlife and he likes to share his knowledge about Costa Rica with the travelers joining his tours.

His leadership is been with naturalis trips trips to birdwatching photography trips so he knows what photographers need to get that special shot. He is continually delighted at being in the field and always has a knowing sense of expectation of what’s around the next corner.